is a Canadian online counseling service that specializes in the use of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT).


CBT is by far the most scientifically proven form of  coaching / psychotherapy. Constant refinements, based on 1000's of clinical trials (including many ongoing), have made CBT the "gold standard". If you've been looking for a more positive approach to life & its challenges, you owe it to yourself to try CBT. 


CBT has been proven helpful for managing stress & worry, career challenges, relationship issues, depression, insomnia, addictions, compulsions, phobias, bereavement, eating disorders, PTSD, and much more. Learn more about CBT. 


TeleCBT gives you the distinct advantage of ultra-convenient, high-quality CBT. TeleCBT clients connect with their personal CBT counselor from the comfort & privacy of home or office—or anywhere they wish. There are never problems with traffic or weather or parking—there's no "explaining where you're going"—and there's definitely no awkward therapist waiting room! 


As long as you're 18 and you have access to a handheld device, computer, or even an old-school landline, then you can access TeleCBT. And as a TeleCBT client, you can call upon any combination of video, talk, and text counseling—it's your preference. 


Could you use a little support—but you're very busy? Then try TeleCBT. For many people, it's a complete game-changer. Learn more about TeleCBT's breakthrough technology.

7 key benefits of TeleCBT

  1. Convenient.  With recent advances in online and mobile technologies, truly convenient counseling is now a reality. TeleCBT's therapists can be contacted on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. You can be comfortably at home, or at the office, or in any other location that works for you.   
  2. Effective.  Research shows that online counseling can be highly effective. In fact, it can be even more effective than face-to-face counseling, because many people find it a more comfortable experience.  
  3. Economical.  TeleCBT therapists have much lower overhead than "brick & mortar" therapists, and they pass those savings on to you. 
  4. Time-efficient.  With TeleCBT, you aren't wasting time getting to and from appointments, nor are you ever awkwardly waiting around in a therapist's reception room.
  5. Professional.  All TeleCBT therapists are trained in CBT and have a minimum of five years of clinical experience. Furthermore, all are registered with their respective provincial regulatory bodies, which require them to adhere to strict standards of practice, continuing education, and codes of ethics.
  6. Safe.  TeleCBT's end-to-end encyption is 100% compliant with Canadian privacy legislation, providing you with a protected communication channel with your therapist. Furthermore, TeleCBT's website is secured with SSL/TSL technology. See below for more information.
  7. Anonymous.  TeleCBT enables you to receive the help you need with anonymity. Many people feel vulnerable going meeting a therapist face-to-face in an office setting. But with TeleCBT, there's no appointment to explain, and there's no chance of running into anyone in an uncomfortable waiting room. Most people report that the anonymity of TeleCBT provides them with a unique opportunity to be honest and open without fear of judgement.

TeleCBT is not appropriate for crisis counseling. If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911 or go to your nearest hospital or emergency room.